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gemma : origins

The original Gemma film introduced a story that used sci-fi and fantasy to show how twin sisters started their life together.

A restless night for two sisters prompts a bedtime tale involving Gemma, an other-worldly being whose crash landing and discovery on Earth changes a family forever. “ 

In this sequel, called gemma: origins, the alien secret that one of them refuses to share will be brought out in the open, which finds both girls face to face with an insurmountable challenge. As Izzy (Gemma), is trying to explain her otherworldly origins to her sister Anya, Anya is facing her own fight or flight moment with a fierce competitor at school, Angel. As both girls seek to run away from their problems, they end up running into conflict - forcing them to decide how they will challenge their inner and outer tormentors. Their fate, and perhaps the fate of their planets, rests in their hands.

Film Length: 10-15 minutes
Shoot Location:
NYC Metro Area
Shoot Date: August, 2019


Izzy (ROLE CAST): Female, Tween. Sister of Anya and refugee from another planet.

Anya (ROLE CAST): Female, Tween. Sister of Izzy and human.

Angel (ROLE OPEN): Female, Tween. Competitor to Anya in Swimming, class, and all around shadow cast over her. Attitude, snap, attack. Angel will be Anya’s nemesis, and drive Anya to flee - directly into the hands of her sister’s alien enemy.

Angel’s Entourage (MULTIPLE ROLES OPEN): Female/Male, Tween. This is more than an extra, but won’t necessarily have a speaking role.

Caretaker (ROLE OPEN): Male/Female, 20s-40s. Expert/Paraprofessional responsible for watching over Anya and Izzy during their mother’s trip. Fastidious, sharp, detached in an alien way. The caretaker will be trying to control Izzy, making sure she can’t flee the way Anya does.

Teacher (ROLE OPEN): Male/Female, 20s-40s. Educator, warm and genuine. Human.

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